Black Crimped Dutch Epoxy Holland Kintted Sintered 5 Heddle Wire Mesh

Black Crimped Dutch Epoxy Holland Kintted Sintered 5 Heddle Wire Mesh

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Black Crimped Dutch Epoxy Holland Kintted Sintered 5 Heddle Wire Mesh

1Black Wire Mesh Cloth/Black Iron Wire Cloth

Black iron wire cloth is made in plain steel wire,so it is also called"black wire cloth",which is widely used as filters in rubber industry,plastics industry and grain industry.

Material: Super quality low carbon steel wire.

2Brick Mesh

Brick mesh is a kind of mesh panel dedicated for concrete and it can be divided into two types, one is welded cold-drawn low carbon steel wire and the other is galvanized after welded.

Brick mesh is widely used in the large-area plastering engineering as the plastering underlay, in order to avoid cracking and resist vibrations.

3Concrete Wire Mesh

Concrete wire mesh is used primarily in construction. Steel mesh helps to reinforce poured concrete's tension strength. Concrete with a high strength can't be compressed, but low tension strength means that concrete is easily pulled apart. This is why it cracks easily and breaks up as water freezes in the cracks during cold weather.

4Crimped Wire Mesh/Double Crimped Wire Mesh/Wire Netting

Wire Materials: stainless steel wire, brass wire, high carbon steel wire, galvanized iron wire, galvanized steel wire, non-ferrous metal wire, high quality 65Mn(65 Manganese steel)

General Use: Screening in mine, coal factory, construction and other industries. Some galvanized crimped wire mesh and stainless steel crimped wire mesh are for roasting of flour food and meat.

5Dutch Wire Mesh

Stainless steel dutch woven wire cloth offers good wear-resistance, acid-resistance, heat-resistance and corrosion resistance. It also has fine filtration and highly durable construction.

Applications: Due to its stable and fine filtration capability, stainless steel dutch wire mesh is extensively utilized as filter fittings for chemical industry,petroleum, telecommunication and scientific research units, for example, filtering and screening in airspace, oil and chemicals, such as filter candles, vacuum filters and spring filters.

6Epoxy Coated Steel Wire Mesh

Epoxy Wire Mesh usually used in air filters, especially for auto or cars etc,as support for filtering septum. This mesh assure good results in pleating, saving the coating stability.

Application: Epoxy coated steel mesh is mainly used in oil filter, oil sand control tube, hydraulic oil filter, filter supporting wire mesh and other industrial uses.

7Five-Heddle Wire Mesh Cloth /5-Heddle Screen

Five Heddle Woven Stainless Steel Wire Cloth has a smooth top surface and an open lower surface. It is ideal to withstand high mechanical strain and excellent filter performance.

8Holland Wire Mesh/Wave-Shaped Wire Mesh/Wavy Mesh

Holland Wire Mesh is also known as wave-shaped wire mesh, ocean wave welded fence, euro fence or wavy mesh. The panels and posts are jointed together with the special plastic clamp or high strength stainless steel wire clamp. Deep green PVC coated Holland electric welded wire meshes are beautiful appearance, smooth mesh, and it can resist the corrosive.

9Knitted Wire Mesh Roll

Knitted wire mesh is made of either crochet or knitting of various wire materials including stainless steel, copper, synthetic fiber and other materials.

Knitted wire mesh products are applied to those applications including cryogenic, high temperature, corrosive atmosphere, heat conductive, high usage, or special service applications.

10Reverse Dutch Wire Mesh

Stainless steel reverse dutch wire mesh is also called reverse dutch wire cloth. Compared with standard dutch weaving, reverse dutch weaving has thicker warp wires and less weft wires. Reverse Dutch Reverse dutch woven wire cloth offers finer filtration and widely used in petroleum, chemical, food and pharmacy.

11Sintered Wire Mesh

This type of sintered wire mesh laminate is made by sintering multiple layers of plain weave square woven wire mesh together. Because of the large open area percentages of the square woven wire mesh layers, this type of sintered wire mesh laminate has good permeability characteristics and low resistance to flow. It can be designed with any number and combination of square plain weave wire mesh layers to achieve particular flow and filtration characteristics. This type of sintered wire mesh laminate is useful for polymer production, as well as a variety of fluid and air filtration applications.

12Square Wire Mesh

Square wire mesh made of stainless steel, can be further divided into square wire mesh plain weave and square wire mesh twill weave.Stainless steel square wire mesh made of selected plain steel wire offers precise construction and uniform opening, is extensively used as window screening, safety guards on machinery enclosures.

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